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MOT rule changes: 20 May 2018

The MOT test changed on 20 May 2018, with new defect types, stricter rules for diesel car emissions, and some vehicles over 40 years old becoming exempt.

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If you have lost your current MOT certificate and would like a duplicate we can provide one for you for £10 plus VAT no matter where you have had your vehicle tested.

Our Ministry Approved VOSA MOT Testers:

Barry Chantler

Keith Langley

Connor Aughterlony

A little bit of MOT History

1960 The MOT test was introduced for vehicles over 10 years old covering brakes, lights and steering
1962 The Commercial Vehicle test was put into operation. A Valid MOT certificate was now needed in order to obtain a tax disc
1965 Brake stop lamps were made compulsory in the UK All new cars must have flashing turn indicators from 1st September
1967 An annual MOT test for all cars over three years old, replaced the ten year requirement introduced in 1960
1968 New tyre tread regulations required 1mm of tread across three-quarters of its width. Tyre checks were now added to the MOT test
1975 Front number plates on motorcycles were abolished
1978 MOT test now includes windscreen washers, wipers,

indicators, spotlights, horn, body structure and exhaust systems
1983 MOT test for taxis and vehicles with more than eight passenger seats reduced to vehicles over one year old

1991 MOT test to include petrol emissions, anti-lock braking and rear seat belts
1992 Minimum tyre tread depth is increased from 1mm to 1.6mm
1993 MOT test extended to cover many smaller items including rear fog lamps, registration plates and mirrors
1994 MOT test includes diesel emissions.