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LED's offer great functionality, technical performance, and optimal lighting results. They support saving energy resources and provide more safety in traffic. Furthermore, the daylight-like colour of the light allows for a pleasant and subjectively increased perception of the light.  If you would like a free LED conversion check please call one of our service team on 01322 614044. 

    From this                            Land Rover Discovery 4 lighting                            To this  


The above pictures show a main beam conversion and fog lamp conversion.

From this                                     Land Rover Discovery 2               To this

        The above picture shows only a headlamp (H7) LED conversion                                                 

Main advantages of having a LED conversation are as follows:

• Low energy consumption
• Long service life
• Impact and vibration-resistant
• Reduced heat build-up
• No maintenance or cleaning costs
• Mercury-free
• Good glare limitation
• Inertialess switching and modulation
• High-quality light projection
• Numerous designs (can be used almost everywhere)
• Individual light source configuration
• Light temperature remains during dimming
• Light colour can be regulated
• Low production costs
• Increased light output per chip
• Extremely few early failures
• Very compact dimensions
• No UV or IR radiation
• Low power consumption
• Directional light – Lambertian radiator with 120°beam angle
• High saturation